Future ITS

Kashiwa ITS Smart City, Growing Together with People and Towns

ITS research and development, which began with improving the efficiency of the movement of people and goods, has steadily evolved toward solving road traffic problems by improving safety, reducing environmental impact, and easing traffic congestion, and is now entering a new stage.

ITS is not only limited to the conventional category of transportation systems, but is also expected to contribute to the development of local communities by linking with society’s information systems, harmonizing with local communities, and promoting mutual vitality. ITS is now expected to contribute to the development of local communities.


Therefore, the major direction of ITS in the future will be not only development and dissemination led by the national government as in the past, but also for individual regions to take the initiative and derive the most appropriate solution model according to their own characteristics and issues. In addition, an approach that utilizes existing systems without relying on large-scale facilities is also an important perspective for the development and diffusion of ITS in the future, as it aims for regional linkage.

The Kashiwa ITS Promotion Council aims to realize a “Kashiwa ITS Smart City” that uses cutting-edge technology to circulate mobility and traffic information in the daily lives of citizens, and to think and solve problems together with them. Our vision of ITS is to grow together with the local community.

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