Transportation Information Utilization Subcommittee

As of May 31, 2024

  • Theme:Application of ITS Regional Research Centres that aggregate various types of traffic information, such as probe information, to regional policies
  • chairman:Professor Kei Ohguchi, The University of Tokyo

Main activities in FY2023

◆Holding of subcommittees (1 meeting: 21 September 2023).
 ●Provision of information on related research and development, etc.
◆Analysis of on-street parked vehicles around Kashiwa-no-ha automated bus routes using running video images
◆Cooperation with other projects
 ●Research on generation of speed trajectories for minimising travel energy between intersections’ (Nagai Lab)
・ETC2.0 probe data application for a year in the area including National Highway 16.
 ●(The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (Project 222: Research and development of information and communication technologies contributing to countermeasures against viruses and other infectious diseases).
Research and development of forecast information sharing technology for effective use of space-time resources to support diverse urban activities’ project (adopted number 222C02).
・Development of a human flow nowcast in front of Kashiwanoha Campus Station.
 ●Kashiwanoha Smart City Consortium
・Offline linkage between AI camera data and Human Flow Nowcast

Prototype of the Kashiwanoha Campus Station Human Flow Nowcast (extracted from ITL data).

Draft activity plan for FY2024

●Cooperation with other projects
◆In the ‘SIP Phase 3 Smart Mobility Platform – Development of a technology and policy package for re-designing street traffic in the city’ initiative, the possibility of using available data such as ETC2.0 to evaluate measures such as the safety of narrow streets in Kashiwa City and control of passing traffic is being studied.
Kashiwa is a potential study area
●In the ‘Shonan Future Verse’ project (research commissioned by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, R04-), the development of a human flow nowcast prototype in the area in front of Kashiwanoha Station continues (ITL).