Planning Committee

As of May 31, 2024

  • Theme:Investigation into the actual deployment of next-generation mobility.
  • chairman:Prof Yoshihiro Suda, University of Tokyo

Main activities in FY2023

◆Automated bus operation demonstration in the area around Kashiwanoha Campus Station
A long-term demonstration experiment will begin on 1 November 2019 in the 2.6 km area between Kashiwanoha Campus Station and Kashiwa Campus. The aim of this demonstration experiment is to operate a passenger bus business, identify issues that may arise during operation, and verify how to deal with them.

※Automated buses will continue as in the previous fiscal year.Click here for more details.

Operation route

self-driving bus

・Expansion of the automatic driving range through the introduction of magnetic markers (from April 2020).
・Introduction of new vehicles to improve the performance of automatic driving functions (from January 2021).
・Introduction of new vehicles to improve the performance of the automated driving function (from Jan 2022).
◆Committee (study group on introduction of automated buses) (1 meeting: 30/1/2024)
・Related research and development topics.

Draft activity plan for 2024

・The project will continue to collect various data and issues through the ongoing operation of automated buses, and to study the deepening of the content of the operation and the way it should be operated in the medium to long term.
 Examine the deepening of the content and the medium- to long-term operation of the buses.
・Demonstration tests to solve problems in the road traffic environment along automated operation routes.
・SContinued discussions with relevant parties on the implementation of automated small-mobility demonstration tests.
・Investigate the actual development of eco-rides in the Kashiwanoha Campus Station area.